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Advanced Installation for Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop

This document is primarily for IT administrators who may need to go beyond a simple, single end-user installation. For example, automating the installation of Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop silently or installing the application on multiple machines.

Balsamiq Wireframes is a native app available for both Windows and macOS. The guide for each platform can be found below:



Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop comes as an installer (.exe) or an .msi file. Both file formats come with a version that matches your host architecture: 32 bit or 64 bit.

Our .exe installer will also install the necessary prerequisites: vc_redist (Visual C++ Redistributable); and .NET Framework 4.7). It can be used also for installation without administrative rights (if vc_redist and .NET have been already installed).

If you're using Windows GPO (for example) you can use the .msi for silent installation (make sure you also deploy the prerequisites).

With admin rights

Start by downloading "Balsamiq_Wireframes_4.0.XX_x64_Setup.exe" and running it, choosing the option to "Install for all users".

  • If vc_redist is not installed, our installer will install it
  • If .NET 4.7 is not present (Windows <10.1803), our installer will install it
Without admin rights

If they're not already installed, you'll need to make sure the prerequisites are installed (with admin rights):

You'll then be able to run our installer without admin rights.

Registering and Unregistering

Before registering Balsamiq Wireframes, you will need to make sure you have your License Key (you would have received it by email when you purchased). If you can't find it, you can always request a copy here: Lost your License Key?

To register use the following command:

"C:\Program Files\Balsamiq\Balsamiq Wireframes\BalsamiqWireframes.exe" --register "LICENSEKEY" --proxyuser user --proxypwd password

If you launch Balsamiq Wireframes via the command line, with the '--register' command we'll register the license then the app will close itself. This makes it easy if you're running the command via a script rather than opening the app for editing.

There are a couple of possible exit codes:

  • 0: Success (the app is licensed)
  • 12 or 13: Bad data (something in the License Key is wrong - double check you're using the exact correct License key)

To unregister, use the following command:

"C:\Program Files\Balsamiq\Balsamiq Wireframes\BalsamiqWireframes.exe" --unregister

No parameters are required and, again, the app will unregister then just close in case you're running this via a script.

Installing on Multiple Machines

Silent installation

Using the .exe, you'll need to open an elevated command prompt then run: "Balsamiq_Wireframes_4.0.XX_x64_Setup.exe" /VERYSILENT /ALLUSERS

Using the .msi, you can use the following for the current user and all users respectively: msiexec /i "Balsamiq_Wireframes_4.0.XX_x64_Setup.msi" /quiet WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS="/VERYSILENT /CURRENTUSER"

msiexec /i "Balsamiq_Wireframes_4.0.XX_x64_Setup.msi" /quiet WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS="/VERYSILENT /ALLUSERS"

And to uninstall for all users: msiexec /x "Balsamiq_Wireframes_4.0.XX_x64_Setup.msi" /quiet WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS="/VERYSILENT /ALLUSERS"

Installing to a different directory than the default

The installer supports Inno Setup standard parameters so you can open an elevated command prompt then run, for example: "Balsamiq_Wireframes_4.0.XX_x64_Setup.exe" /ALLUSERS /DIR="D:\myprograms\balsamiq"

GPO installation (through Active Directory GPO)

First, you'll need to save the .NET offline installer, vc_redist and the Balsamiq .msi installer in a public network shared folder.

Next, create a Powershell script (with extension .ps1) and add it to the Group Policy Object:

Start-Process -FilePath "\\sharedDir\dotnet472\NDP472-KB4054530-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe" -ArgumentList "/q /norestart" -Wait -Verb RunAs
Start-Process -FilePath "\\sharedDir\vc_redist\vc_redist_x64.exe
Start-Process msiexec /package "\\sharedDir\Balsamiq\Balsamiq_Wireframes_4.0.XX_x64_Setup.msi" /qn



For Mac users, we provide Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop as a familiar .dmg file.

Installing from a .dmg is simple - download and mount Balsamiq Wireframes NNN.dmg from our downloads page then copy the contained file "Balsamiq" to your Applications folder. You're done!

Registering and Unregistering

You can use this command in terminal to register Balsamiq Wireframes:

/Applications/Balsamiq\\ Wireframes --register "LICENSEKEY"

And to unregister:

/Applications/Balsamiq\\ Wireframes --unregister

Installing on Multiple Machines

We also provide Balsamiq Wireframes for macOS in a .zip file.

For automated, bulk installation on macOS we suggest using the .zip file as it's a simpler option - just unzip into the appropriate folder and you're done.

Installing Balsamiq Wireframes on Citrix or Other Virtual Environments

You shouldn't have any trouble installing and registering Balsamiq Wireframes on Citrix or on any other virtual environment. You may even find the help on silent installation useful.

Please keep in mind that you will need to purchase a Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop volume license for the total number of users who will be accessing our app within your Citrix environment. Our licensing is by assigned users, rather than concurrent users. It will be your company’s responsibility to make sure you are in compliance with our EULA, and that only the users you have assigned have access to use our software.

Here is a little more information on our volume pricing and how to purchase it.