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The Project Info Panel

The Project Info Panel allows you to define project-wide settings for skin, font, and link and selection color. It also contains an area to add notes about the project. Click the icon to the right of the Property Inspector icon to toggle the Project Info panel (keyboard shortcut: CTRL/+,).

These settings will be applied to all wireframes in the project and will be saved with the project (i.e., they persist when the project is closed and reopened or shared with others).

The default font is Balsamiq Sans, just as in previous versions (not Comic Sans as you might think; although you can set it to that, all you Comic Sans lovers out there!).

Sketch vs Wireframe Skin

The two skins provided are intended to allow you to work on early ideas using a rough, sketchy look (Sketch Skin), and then later update it to a crisper, more polished look when it is ready for presentation (Wireframe Skin).

The screenshots below show a comparison of a sample design in the default "sketch" and "wireframe" skins, respectively. Click to view larger images.

Sketch Skin Wireframe Skin