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The Toolbar

The toolbar contains a series of icons for performing actions on other areas of the user interface.

The first set of icons is described below.

  1. Show/Hide the left panel
  2. View your wireframes as a thumbnail grid
  3. Create a new wireframe
  4. Wireframe actions (rename, etc.) and navigate between wireframes (shown when left panel is hidden)
  5. Go to next or previous wireframe (shown when left panel is hidden)

The group of icons in the center of the toolbar is for commonly-performed canvas functions. These are actions that you are probably used to from text editors or other drawing tools, such as copy, paste, group, align and zoom. The last icon is for toggling markup (read about markup here).

The final section of the toolbar on the far right contains the Quick Add tool, toggle icons for the UI Library, Comments Panel, Property Inspector and Project Info Panel, and an icon to enter Full Screen Presentation Mode.

The top of the toolbar shows the name of the project, which you can double-click to rename (or use the application menu option).