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Balsamiq Trello Integration

Get everyone on the same page, without leaving Trello.

It always shows the latest version of your wireframes!

Included in your Balsamiq Wireframes subscription.


How to Connect your Balsamiq Wireframes to Trello


Create an Image Link

In Balsamiq Wireframes, simply choose which wireframe you want to share and select "Create Image Link..." from the navigator menu.

Once you have your link, copy it to your clipboard.


Add the Link to Trello!

After installing the Balsamiq Wireframes Power-Up open a card, find "Balsamiq Wireframes" in the right column, and paste your link there!


Now the card will include an image of your wireframe.

NOTE: This image will automatically update any time you edit your wireframe!

Want more details? Head to the docs!

Here are more detailed explanations on how to use this, depending on which version of Balsamiq Wireframes you use: