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Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is a list of all the keyboard shortcuts and modifiers available in Balsamiq Wireframes.

Working with Controls


Edit the selected control's text ENTER or F2
Add to selection SHIFT+Click
Toggle selection CTRL+Click
Select All CTRL+A
Deselect All CTRL+SHIFT+A
Ignore control(s) under cursor Hold ALT
Treat/do not treat selection as markup CTRL+SHIFT+K


Resize maintaining aspect ratio Hold SHIFT while resizing with mouse
Move selection along horizontal or vertical axis Hold SHIFT while dragging
Disable snapping during move or resize Hold CTRL
Grow/Increase text or icon size CTRL+]
Shrink/Decrease text or icon size CTRL+[
Nudge selection 1px
Nudge selection 10px SHIFT+
Nudge-Resize selection 1px CTRL+ALT+
Nudge-Resize selection 10px CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+
Auto-Size selection CTRL+ALT+0
Pan the canvas (Hand tool) SPACE BAR+Click and drag
Bring to front CTRL+SHIFT+
Send to back CTRL+SHIFT+
Bring forward CTRL+
Send backward CTRL+
Duplicate selection ALT+drag


Undo last command CTRL+Z
Redo last command CTRL+Y or CTRL+SHIFT+Z
Cut the selected controls CTRL+X or SHIFT+DELETE
Copy the selected controls CTRL+C or CTRL+INSERT
Paste In Place CTRL+SHIFT+V
Delete the selected controls DELETE or BACKSPACE
Duplicate the selected controls CTRL+D
Lock the selected controls CTRL+2
Unlock all locked controls CTRL+3
Transform the selected controls CTRL+ALT+T


Group the selected controls CTRL+G
Ungroup the selected groups CTRL+SHIFT+G


Align selected controls left CTRL+ALT+1
Align selected controls center CTRL+ALT+2
Align selected controls right CTRL+ALT+3
Align selected controls top CTRL+ALT+4
Align selected controls middle CTRL+ALT+5
Align selected controls bottom CTRL+ALT+6

Working with Icons

Navigating the Suggestion List
Using the selected icon ENTER
Closing the Icons Library ESC
Closing the Suggestion List ESC
Grow/Increase icon size CTRL+]
Shrink/Decrease icon size CTRL+[

Working with Text

Start Editing text of the selected control ENTER or F2
Committing the current text ENTER (single-line controls), CTRL+ENTER (multi-line controls) or click anywhere
Ignoring the current edit ESC
Grow/Increase Text Size CTRL+]
Shrink/Decrease Text Size CTRL+[

Text Formatting

italic _text in underscores_
link [text in brackets]
link with a target \[text in brackets\]\(wireframe_name\) or
\[text in brackets\]\(website_url\)
bold *text in asterisks*
disabled -text in hyphens-
strikethrough ~text in tildes~
font point size {size:12}text{size}
color (hex value or color name) {color:#ff0000}text{color} or
To type a literal *, , − -, or [] in a control, escape it by prefixing it with a \ (backslash): \*, \, −\-, \, [\]

Special Text Macros

Lorem-Ipsum generator type lorem in a Text or Text Area control.
Show the current wireframe name type {mockup-name} in a Label, Text, Title or Subtitle control.

Quick Add

Sending focus to Quick Add / (forward slash) or
+ (plus sign)
Navigating the Suggestion List
Closing the Suggestion List ESC
Sending focus back to the Canvas ESC
Add control at cursor position SHIFT+ENTER

Drawing Controls

Learn more about drawing controls here
Draw a rectangle on the canvas R+drag
Draw a block of text on the canvas T+drag
Draw a line of text on the canvas Y+drag
Draw an image on the canvas I+drag
Draw an arrow on the canvas A+drag

Project Actions

New blank wireframe CTRL+N
Duplicate current wireframe CTRL+SHIFT+N
New project CTRL+ALT+N
Open project CTRL+O
Save as... CTRL+SHIFT+S
Rename wireframe F2 or CTRL+ALT+R
Close current project CTRL+W or CTRL+F4
Export this wireframe's JSON CTRL+E
Import wireframe JSON CTRL+SHIFT+E
Export snapshot to clipboard CTRL+SHIFT+C
Export snapshot to PNG CTRL+R
Export all snapshots to PNG CTRL+SHIFT+R
Export to PDF CTRL+P
Quit the Balsamiq Wireframes editor CTRL+Q
Next wireframe CTRL+TAB (Windows)
+PAGE DOWN or fn++ (Mac)
Previous wireframe CTRL+SHIFT+TAB (Windows)
+PAGE UP or fn++ (Mac)
Top of wireframe HOME (Windows)
fn+SHIFT+ (Mac)
Bottom of wireframe END (Windows)
fn+SHIFT+ (Mac)


Hide/Show the UI Library CTRL+L or CTRL+F1
Hide/Show the Inspector CTRL+; or ALT+ENTER
Hide/Show the Project Info CTRL+,
Hide/Show the Comments Panel CTRL+.
Hide/Show the Navigator Panel CTRL+J
Show/Hide Markup CTRL+K
Back to Wireframes (From Symbols/Assets/Trash) CTRL+SHIFT+M
Zoom In CTRL++ (plus sign) or CTRL+scroll mouse
Zoom Out CTRL+- (minus sign) or CTRL+scroll mouse
Zoom to Actual Size CTRL+1
Zoom to Fit CTRL+0


Enter Full Screen View CTRL+F or F5
Exit Full Screen View ESC
Edit Current Wireframe E
Hide/Show Toolbar T
Hide/Show Settings Panel S
Hide/Show Link Hints L
Hide/Show Big Arrow Cursor B
Hide/Show Markup M
Zoom Out to Fit Z
Hide/Show Inspector Panel I
Pan Canvas Click+drag
Next Wireframe Page Down
Previous Wireframe Page Up