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I Did Not Receive the myBalsamiq Confirmation Email. What Can I Do?

User Confirmation

We send a confirmation email as soon as you invite new users to the site.

Users must follow the instructions to confirm your account on the email invitation they receive in order to receive any notifications.

Unconfirmed accounts will not get any email notifications.

If you haven't gotten an invitation by email, please check the troubleshooting info below.


If you haven't received the confirmation email after 5-10 minutes, please try the following:

  1. Check your SPAM folder. We have taken every possible measure in our power to make sure myBalsamiq messages are not considered spam, but some corporate filters may still decide to mark our messages as spam.
  2. Contact so that we can manually confirm your site. If we see that there was an issue with the email address, we will let you know!

If you do find our messages in your spam folder, please be kind and press the "IS NOT SPAM" button in your email reader.

If instead you work at a big company and your email doesn't get to you at all, please tell someone in your IT department to please add * to the spam allowlist - they'll know what it means. ;) Thanks!