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Oops! I Accidentally Deleted a Mockup From My myBalsamiq Site

We've all been there. We make a quick decision and regret it the next second.

Any Chance to Get My Mockup Back?

The easiest way to get your data back is to hit the Undo option that appears right after the deletion. It will stay there for a little while, unless you hit the cross mark or move to another page right away.

I've Missed This One, Any Second Chance?

Yes! Let's open your Project History and see if the recently deleted item is showing up there. No worries if not, just try to refresh the page until it shows up.

Once you've located it, all you need to do is to hit the Restore this version button.

That Does Not Seem to Work for Me...

If your Mockup doesn't show up in your project after following these steps, please let us know.

Also, the Restore this version option is not available if you've deleted a full project. In that case, please reach out with as many details as you can think of (site name, project name, date of deletion...) and we'll do our best to help!