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How to Consolidate Email Accounts in myBalsamiq

Do you have two email addresses, each associated with a myBalsamiq site? Do you want to consolidate your myBalsamiq credentials and only use a single email address? This guide is for you.

Say your email address is associated with a site we'll call Old, and your new email address ( is associated with a site we'll call New.

If You Are a Site Owner of Both Sites

To transfer ownership of Old to, do the following:

  1. Log on to Old as and invite as a Staff member
  2. Using a different browser (for convenience), accept the invitation.
  3. Now back on, make the site owner, and log out.
  4. In the other browser, go to the Settings / Staff page and remove from the site.
  5. Done! Now will be the owner of both sites.

If You Are Not a Site Owner

First of all, ask the site owner of each myBalsamiq site you're a Staff member of to invite as a staff member and to remove staff member.

For projects, do this: log on as and do the following for each myBalsamiq site you have access to:

  1. Visit the Settings / Projects page.
  2. For each project, ask the project owner (you'll see their name on the list) to invite to the project and to remove
  3. Accept any invitations from
  4. Done!