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Best Practices for Grouping Wireframes in myBalsamiq

A few people have asked us what the best way to group sets of wireframes together in myBalsamiq is.

This document offers a couple of suggestions.

Using a Naming Scheme within a Project

A simple way to group wireframes that are related to the same feature or section of a website is to prepend each mockup with the name of the feature.

For example, in the project below we named all the wireframes about our settings page starting with "Settings - "

This approach has the advantage of keeping everything in a single project, which is cheaper and easy to manage (once you invite your project members you're all set).

The downside of this approach is that the project might fill up with lots and lots of wireframes, making it harder to navigate.

Using Multiple Projects

Another, complementary idea is to use multiple projects, one per feature or section of a website.

For example, in our own myBalsamiq site, we have projects that have to do with our wireframing editor (in red) and other projects related to myBalsamiq (in green).

Using a consistent book design and naming scheme makes projects easy to find.

This approach has the advantage of keeping the number of wireframes inside each project smaller and thus more manageable, but has the downside of being potentially more expensive in the long run and a little harder to manage in terms of project members, as you will have to invite the appropriate project members to each feature-project.