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Site Owner and Site Settings FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about myBalsamiq site owners (also called site administrators).

What Is a Site Owner?

The site owner is usually the person who signed up for the myBalsamiq site initially. They can manage users of the site and have additional administrative privileges via access to the Site Settings page. They also determine the Intellectual Property rights of the work on the site (this policy is described here).

The Site Settings page allows the site owner to change information about your company, add and manage staff, manage your payments, and change some administrative settings. Settings for individual projects, such as who can access a project, are available on the Project page.

How Can I Find out Who the Site Owner Is?

To find out who the site owner is, click on the "Staff" link in the header. Once on the Staff Members page, there will be a label on the avatar of the site owner, as shown below.

Can I Change the Site Owner?

The site owner may transfer ownership to another user in the Site Settings page. To do so, use the Change Site Owner form, by selecting a new user from the drop down menu, and click the “Make this person the site owner” button.

The Site Owner Left the Company. What Now?

Please see this article describing the steps to take if this happens.

Designating a Secondary Billing Administrator

Site owners can designate another staff member as a "Secondary Billing Administrator." The secondary billing administrator can access the Payment Info page of the Site Settings and manage all billing aspects of the myBalsamiq site.

You can select any existing staff member from the drop down menu on the Payment Info page. The secondary billing administrator can be removed or changed at any time by the site owner.

Adding Staff Members

At the bottom of the Staff Members page, the "Add Staff Members" form lets you add people to your site, so they can be added to projects.

Enter one email address per line to invite staff members.

You can also promote non-staff members that you've invited to projects to staff by simply using this form to invite them to staff. Afterwards, they will show up as staff on the Staff page.

Invited staff members will appear on the right side of the Add Staff Members section, and you can click the blue arrow icon to re-send the email invitation, or click the red X icon to remove their invitation.

Deleting Your Site

Site owners can delete their sites at any time. To do so, just visit the "Administration" tab, and then select the "Delete my myBalsamiq site now". If you have an active subscription, this will stop your subscription immediately.