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Our myBalsamiq Site Owner Left the Company. How Can I Reclaim Our Company's Site?

The process of tying up all the loose ends caused by an employee's relationship with a company coming to an end can be a long and frustrating one.

This quick guide is designed to help you reclaim a myBalsamiq site by transferring ownership of it to someone who's still at the company.

Step by Step Instructions

Here's what to do:

  1. Take over the employee's email - this is pretty much standard procedure in order to reclaim all the different online accounts.
  2. Head to your myBalsamiq's site login page and click on "I forgot, help!" to start initiate the password reset process.
  3. Enter the employee's email address and click on "Send me a link to reset my password"
  4. From the employee's email, click on the reset password link in the email and set a new password.
  5. Once logged in, head over to Settings, Administration, and select a different staff member to become the new site owner from the pulldown menu.
  6. Click on "Make this person the site owner" and log out.
  7. Have the new site owner log in and remove the departed staff member from the site (from the Staff page)

  8. If necessary, have the new site owner change the credit card information following these simple instructions.

What If I Don't Have Access to Their Email? Can Balsamiq Make the Change for Me?

We do not change ownership of myBalsamiq sites ourselves. If the person that set up your site was an external contractor, you should ask them to please assign site ownership to one of your company's staff members (the instructions above might help).

Once that it's done, the new site owner will be able to change the credit card information if needed, following these simple instructions.

If none of these options work, let us know. While we cannot change site ownership or help you gain access to site data (per our Privacy Policy), we can help you to stop your automatic monthly payment.