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We're Good People, and We Care

Since we started in 2008, our mission is to help people create software and websites that are easier to use.

We do this by:

  • Building the market-leading low-fidelity wireframing tool.
  • Teaching UI design, mostly to non-designers.
  • Building a long-lasting company.
  • We like to compete on usability and customer service.

    The Balsamiq Team

    At Balsamiq we call ourselves balsamìci, which is balsamiq + amici (friends in Italian) squished together. Meet the team!

    Learn More about Our Company

    How we work

    Balsamiq has been a remote-first, geographically distributed, flattish company since long before those concepts became mainstream.

    Read all about our company values and our people-centered company policies.

    How we run our business

    Running a software company requires much more than writing software.

    Read all about the various disciplines we've learned to master over the years.

    Company history

    The tech world is full of companies that are started with the goal of being flipped for a quick profit.

    Since our launch back in 2008, we chose a different path.

    We measure our success in generations, not quarters.

    Our locations

    With people in the USA and Europe, we can provide top-notch customer service, and take advantage of a diverse and global culture.

    We're optimized for working from home but we also built ourselves a non-office office which we call The Nest.

    “I have so many feels for Balsamiq as a company that does right by their customers.” - Andrew L.
    “A lot of companies can talk the talk, but I love how @balsamiq walks the walk and leads by example. ” - Justin W.

    Our Company Values

    We work hard to be the kind of company we are.
    These are the values we use to make decisions, day after day.
    Find out more

    We're good people, and we care
    Give (and earn) trust and respect
    Be a great teammate
    Be so good they can't ignore you
    Aim for longevity
    Always be Kaizening
    “I can’t tell you guys how much I love your company. I feel like you guys are extended family, you are so kind, you have a tremendously ethical team and you are the reason I got into designing.” - John E.
    John E.
    “How can I do anything other than heap praise on you and the whole team at Balsamiq? You are supportive, reasonable, encouraging and sincerely care about others and the web design community as a whole.” - Paul Boag
    Paul Boag

    Enjoyed by Hundreds of Thousands of Customers

    We are the undisputed leader in the UI wireframing market. Companies that care about usability use Balsamiq Wireframes.

    Some of our customers.Some of our customers.

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