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Working at Balsamiq

Thank you for your interest in learning about what it's like to work at Balsamiq.

This page aims to give you some background on our little "five star family restaurant on the web" and how we operate.

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Balsamiq is not for everyone.

Let's start with the bad stuff, it might save you some time.

Working at Balsamiq is not easy, at all.

Here are some of our unique challenges:

  • We are a bunch of perfectionists (yet we still ship stuff all the time).
  • We are obsessed with efficiency.
  • You will be expected to be really, really productive.
  • We mostly work from home, it gets lonely.
  • We own our output, 100% (design to support).
  • We don't have managers and standard job titles - there are limited career paths here.
  • You're expected to think strategically about what to work on next, it can feel very confusing.
  • We believe in pace, not deadlines, and product planning is done "from the gut".
  • We're young and have been struggling to keep up with demand from day one. Expect mistakes and growing pains.
  • You'll have to get used to feeling like you're in over your head all the time, and still do great work, fast. Basically you'll be challenged at all times.
  • We're reckless sometimes. We believe mistakes don't matter as much as how fast you fix them and how much we learn from them. We take risks.
  • We are terrified of losing our speed / agility. We understand process and policies must be there to help us communicate and act as one, but not to stifle us.

The good

  • If you're a good fit, this will be the best job you'll ever have.
  • The money is great - we pay more than your peers, and we have a very generous profit sharing program. You might not get filthy rich, but you'll also not have to worry about money.
  • Your work/life balance will be respected like never before (our vacation policy).
  • You will have an impact on the world - our goal is to help rid the world of bad software, to help the world understand that good user interfaces make a huge difference in people's lives. We won't stop until usability is taught in all high schools around the world.
  • You will have an impact on the company.
  • You will get a chance to embody the Balsamiq Mantras.
  • You will feel the love of a wonderful community of customers every day.
  • You will be encouraged and supported in your personal and professional growth.
  • You will be allowed to do your best work, which competitors will copy.
  • You will have a lot of choice about what to work on.
  • You won't have to worry about healthcare, retirement, etc... we offer great plans.
  • You will participate in our yearly company retreats and be sent to conferences and training visits with other employees.
  • You will have great hardware and tools to work with.
  • You will be part of a new kind of company: tiny, global, fun, mostly flat (we call it fluid).
  • You will learn, A TON.
  • You will be allowed to work on personal side projects and encouraged to have a well-rounded life.
  • You will be surrounded by good, decent, inspiring, respectful and compassionate people.
  • You will be proud to donate our product as much as we do and make a sizable donation to a charity of your choice each year (our donation policy).
  • You will be proud to sponsor good events and blogs.

Companies and people we look up to

Google for their engineering chops, Fogcreek and Panic for paving the way for small bootstrapped software companies, Atlassian for their culture, Apple for their focus on UX and for their incredible efficiencies, Gore and Valve for their flat organizations, Ben & Jerry's for sticking to their values. There are lots more, but these should give you a sense for what kind of companies we admire.

Books that shaped us

The roadmap

We have one product for now, Balsamiq Wireframes. It went from unknown to gold standard in 3 years, sold over 100,000 licenses in four years, and continues to grow and evolve. It's universally loved by its users, and is opinionated in what it does and what it doesn't do.

That said, it's far from being mature...there is A TON of work to do. Balsamiq Wireframes is still growing.

We also know all software has a lifetime, so we're keeping lots of money in the bank so that, should the market ever dry up, we'll have plenty of time to come up with something else. Because we invest so much in having great people, we're not worried.

We also have some ideas for other products that will help rid the world of bad software. There's lots and lots to do, we're just getting started.

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