Hello from the Balsamiq Team!

Balsamiq is an indie software company, made up of passionate, friendly, distributed and diverse empathy-filled people.

Most of us work from home, aided by the invaluable input and support of these furry office-mates.

Giacomo “Peldi” Guilizzoni

Founder and CEO

You can read about Peldi in these interviews, in this blog post about his story or listen to some of his talks. He'd love to meet you! Schedule a call!

Bologna, Italy

Marco Botton

Super-duper Coder

Marco is the architect of Balsamiq Wireframes, now working on our Mac app.

Bologna, Italy

Valerie Liberty

Head Chef, Wow! Division

Valerie helps with sales inquiries, support questions and is the queen of our phone lines. She’s also our resident chef!

California, USA

Mike Angeles

Interface Designer

Mike is our UI designer. He’s known in the UX community as Konigi, was a co-founder of the IA Institute, and has written about interface design since 2001.

California, USA

Natalie Gould

CFO & Wow! Division

Natalie is the master bean-counter, in charge of keeping our finances healthy and our processes über-efficient.

California, USA
Six Chickens

Paolo Ottanà

All-around Coder

Paolo is able to work on anything you throw at him. Right now he's working on Balsamiq Wireframes for Mac.

Ferrara, Italy

Joy McCrea

COO, Balsamiq Studios LLC

Joy makes sure our distributed team is well taken care of: payroll, benefits, taxes, accounting, dealing with the bank — she does it all!

California, USA

Florian Brauer

Developer in Testing

Florian helps us maintain high quality by writing automated tests and supporting our customers. He's also our in-house cyber-security expert.

Bremen, Germany

Leon Barnard

Designer and Writer

Leon is heading our customer education efforts.

California, USA

Anna Mariotti

Virtual Office Manager, Balsamiq SRL

Anna makes sure our Italian company runs smoothly. Purchasing, filing, accounting, payroll, and more!

Bologna, Italy

Michele Orsini

Senior Developer

Michele is a passionate developer, now focusing on Balsamiq Wireframes for Windows.

Bologna, Italy

Andrea Serra

Senior Developer

Andrea is a full-stack developer working on our integrations.

Bologna, Italy

Salvatore Cammarata

Senior Developer

Sax is in charge of our integration development and strategy.

Bologna, Italy

Francesca Fabbri

Marketing Strategist

Fra researches the Marketing types that suit our little company best, in order to inform our future Marketing strategy.

Bologna, Italy

Agnese Sgarbi


Agnese is a developer on Balsamiq Wireframes, for Web and Windows.

Modena, Italy
Luna (aka grumpy cat)
Pimpa (very happy doggo)

Brendan Saricks

Customer Champion

Brendan is our Chicago-based Customer Champion, in charge of making sure every customer request is heard and properly considered.

Illinois, USA

Virgin Pereira

Customer Champion

Virgin is our France-based Customer Champion. He too makes sure our customers are heard and taken good care of! :)

Gastes, France

Stefano Brilli

Software Engineer

Stefano is a developer working on Balsamiq Wireframes and Balsamiq Cloud.

Prato, Italy

Jessica Orellanes

User Research

Jessica heads our user research efforts and manages partner relationships.

Bologna, Italy

Drew Lafferty

Do-it-all DevOps

Drew is the lead developer of Olio, our custom CRM. Between DevOps, full stack development, and helping out the team wherever they need it, he’s got it covered.

Illinois, USA

Liz Green

Wow! Division

Liz makes sure that things are running smoothly with sales support, and keeps our sales docs updated.

Illinois, USA

Stefano Gozzi

Developer in Testing

Stefano helps us with all-things-testing, especially for integrations: manual, automated, he can do it all!

Modena, Italy

Luca Cornazzani

Senior Developer

Luca is the lead developer for Balsamiq Wireframes for Windows.

Bologna, Italy

Tommaso Ognibene

Full Stack Developer

Tommaso is a core developer for Balsamiq Cloud.

Bologna, Italy

Alberto Forni

Senior Developer

Alberto is a developer for Balsamiq Wireframes, focussing on the Web versions.

Cento, Italy

Ali Servet Donmez

Full Stack Developer

Ali makes us super-efficient by building and maintaining internal tools for us.

Vicenza, Italy

Alasdair Manson

Customer Champion

Alasdair delights you with wonderful Tech Support from beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.

California, USA

Laura Farolfi

Project Manager in Marketing

Laura coordinates most of our marketing projects. She's a machine! :)

Bologna, Italy

Laura Lei

All-Round Designer

Laura is our one-stop-shop for all things graphic design: images, icons, swag, videos, websites, she can do it all!

Bologna, Italy

Amanda Hajek

Sponsorships Coordinator

Amanda helps us give back to our community via sponsorships and SWAG.

Illinois, USA

Kendra Kirk

Sales Support & Special Projects

Kendra handles sales support for our European customers, and helps us with legal and other sales-related projects.

Paris, France

Billy Carlson

Design Educator

Billy is a design educator helping customers learn design best practices.

Illinois, USA

Aramis B.V. (External Partner)

Software Development

Aramis B.V., owned by Stefano Masini, is a Dutch software development company that helps us go really fast! :)

Leiden, Netherlands