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Office Hours with Balsamiq Mentors

Get advice on your startup or your career from senior Balsamiq staff. For free.

We have some very senior people at Balsamiq, leaders in their different fields.

We also love to give back to our community in any way we can. Giving advice to our customers is one of these ways.

How it Works

It's very simple: we set aside some time every month to meet with our customers and answer any questions they might have for us.

You get advice on your current problem / career / life plan, and we get to make a new friend in the process. Win-win! :)

Just choose one of our mentors, schedule the session, and meet us for your 1-hour video chat.

The only thing we ask in return from you is to join our Customer Advisory Board, so we can get your help to improve our offering in the future.

Topics That Are Out of Scope for This Program

This program is about personal and career advice. For other topics, please see below:

Meet Our Mentors

Giacomo 'Peldi' Guilizzoni

Giacomo “Peldi” Guilizzoni

Our founder and CEO Peldi knows a thing or two about building sustainable, bootstrapped, geographically distributed software businesses. He's always happy to help entrepreneurs who are just getting started. Watch these talks and read these posts before scheduling, you might just find your answers there!

Peldi does NOT invest in startups, so no pitches please.

Schedule a call with Peldi!
Michael Angeles

Michael Angeles

Michael Angeles is our interface designer. He is known in the UX community as Konigi. He was one of the original founders of the Information Architecture Institute, and has written about interface and interaction design since 2001. He has been known to play career therapist in the past. He can lend an ear or offer perspective and reflection to new and seasoned UX designers.

Schedule a call with Michael!
Leon Barnard

Leon Barnard

Leon Barnard leads our UI design education team. He has over 10 years of UX design experience and loves talking about wireframing, web design, remote work, and UX career paths. He writes for Balsamiq and has been published on UX Mastery, the freeCodeCamp and Treehouse blogs, and elsewhere. He is also a mentor for the Springboard UX design course.

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Laura Lei

Laura Lei

Our graphic designer Laura Lei is passionate and enthusiastic about web and graphic design, lettering, and live music photography. She runs the Bologna chapter of Ladies, Wine & Design. She also created Feeling Things Deeply, a visual project to raise mental health awareness.

Schedule a call with Lei!
Brendan Saricks

Brendan Saricks

Brendan Saricks is one of our Customer Champions and a lifelong customer advocate. His goal is for everyone to have human interactions with their customers and users. Whether you have a specific issue, or just want to brainstorm ways to make your support as human as possible, Brendan is more than happy to help you however he can.

Schedule a call with Brendan!
Billy Carlson

Billy Carlson

Billy is a member of our UI design education team. He’s been designing websites and products for large corporations and startups for over 13 years. You can chat with him about UX, product design and management, and leading design teams. He contributes to the Balsamiq Wireframing Academy site by writing articles and conducting interviews. He also serves as an adjunct at Northwestern’s Segal Design Institute.

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