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Free online UI Wireframing and Design classes for Product Managers, Entrepreneurs, and other non-designers.

Introduction to User Interface Design Through Wireframes

This easy-to-follow course is intended for Product Managers, Entrepreneurs, and other non-designers who want to feel comfortable in the world of UI design.

How to Design Navigation for Large and Small Screens

With this free course you’ll learn the basics of the most essential navigation elements and Information Architecture. 8 video lessons, 50 minutes total.

How to Design Page Layout

This mini-course will teach you the basics of proximity, alignment, and visual hierarchy, and how to use different components, like dropdowns and buttons.

Rapid Wireframing: Finding the Right Product Design

Learn how to create wireframes and a clickable prototype for early-stage product design. For product managers, developers, and those new to wireframing.

The Psychology of UI Design

Over 3 hours of video lessons by UX expert Paul Boag about how humans think and behave when interacting with your product. For UI novices and non-designers.