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Introduction to User Interface Design Through Wireframes

This easy-to-follow course will give you the confidence to talk about, review, and start designing user interfaces.

It teaches foundational UI concepts and shows you how UI professionals create effective wireframes.

It is intended for Product Managers, Entrepreneurs, and other non-designers who want to feel comfortable in the world of UI design.

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What is UI Design?

Learn the basics by looking at a website through the lens of a user interface designer.

Intro to UI Controls

Learn how and when to use the most common user interface building blocks.

Intro to UI Design Patterns

UI Design Patterns are like cooking recipes. Learning them will greatly simplify your design process.

Visual Design Principles

While you may not be doing the ultimate visual design for your product, some familiarity with basic principles will improve your work regardless.

UI Design Templates

Templates help you go faster by starting your project from ready-made screens.

An Opinionated Guide to Creating Software

Follow this proven process to ensure that your ideas make it to production.