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UI Control Guidelines

A collection of detailed guidelines about User Interface (UI) controls, the building blocks of any software interface. Buttons, links, accordions, menus, and more!

Button Guidelines

Buttons are common elements of every interface and are used to execute an action. It must be apparent what that action will be, to avoid any mistakes or confusion.

By Tess Gadd

Text Input Guidelines

Text input fields allow keyboard input from the user. They are frequently used with other types of input controls in a form, but can be used on their own.

By Tess Gadd

Dropdown Menu (Combo Box) Guidelines

A Dropdown menu (or Combo Box, Pull Down menu, Picker) gives you a list of items to select from. It’s a common element in forms, setting pages, and quizzes.

By Tess Gadd

Radio Button Guidelines

Radio button controls allow users to select items from a list when only a single selection is valid. Find out when you should use them and some best practices.

By Tess Gadd

Checkbox Guidelines

Checkbox controls allow users to select items from a list when multiple selections are valid. Read more for tips, best practices, and different use cases.

By Tess Gadd

On/Off Switch Guidelines

On/off switches are great for settings areas, but you should avoid using them in forms. Read on for more information about toggle switches and best practices.

By Tess Gadd

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