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Someone Ripped You Off!

If you found a clone of Balsamiq somewhere on the web, this page is for you.

The first time a clone of our product came to the market, our founder Peldi was quite upset. How dare they steal his ideas? No fair! :) Over time, with many more copy-cats coming to the market, our views on the subject have changed.

First of all, these clones do not impact our bottom line, at all. Our revenue continues to grow. In fact, the more clones, the more we grow. Every time one of these products gets a press mention, it gets compared to our tool. Free marketing! :)

Jason Calacanis said it best:

Welcome your competitors to the race, because no-one is going to tune into a one-horse race.

The other thing is that these tools don't usually last more than a year or two. They were created to make a quick buck, and it shows.

Like we said on our company page, we like to compete on usability and customer service. Features are important, but great support and continuous improvements are just as important. As long as we provide a useful, easy tool and support it well, we're not too worried.

In other words, our stance is that if someone comes out with a tool that's easier to use and supports it better than we do, they deserve to win.

Another important concept is one we learned from Tim O'Reilly: he suggests that businesses should love their competitors because they are also trying to solve the same problem they are solving. Since we care about ridding the world of bad software more than anything else, we welcome anyone who has the same goal. We're basically all rowing in the same direction, the more the better! :)

In the end, we're really very flattered.

We try to give our best in whatever we do. If our output is worth copying, it means we're doing something right. :)