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Can You Go Any Faster?

Hello from the whole Balsamiq team!

Every now and then we're asked if we can release updates faster. We understand that it can be frustrating if the speed to get things implemented isn't as fast as customers want it to be.

The push to take funding and grow faster is tempting, but we're trying to grow organically and do the right thing, while focusing on executing. The issue of growth is one that we take seriously, but we don't want to grow for the sake of pushing features out faster. We've seen too many of the independent software vendors like us agree to get take funding, eventually get purchased by larger corporations, and finally the founders are forced out to leave the product and customers behind.

If you requested a feature that we haven't yet implemented, it is likely in one of these three categories:

  1. Something we have our eye on, but are waiting to see how many people ask for it. To see if this applies to yours, visit our forums to see what other customers are asking about.
  2. Something we're really excited about, but are waiting until the right time to do (this was the case for with our wireframes hierarchy feature, for example).
  3. Something we don't plan on doing so that we can focus on our original vision (adding more interactivity, for example).

If any of this might be a deal-breaker for you, feel free to review our guide on how to choose a wireframing tool or learn how we compare to other UI design tools.

While growing faster could help to get features out the door faster, it could hurt the sustainability of our product vision and company, and that's something we're very serious about.