iPad FAQs

This page addresses some of the frequently asked questions about iPad and iOS apps and controls.

Is There an iPad Version in the Works?

We are in the process of moving our entire codebase to native platforms, which will make a mobile version of our app a lot easier. While a native iOS app. is not in active development right now, we hope to be able to start on it soon!

Stay tuned to our release announcements on our release announcements page.

Does Balsamiq Come with iPad Controls Included?

Yes! Balsamiq ships with an iPad control and other iOS controls, shown below.

If you don't see them update to the latest version.

Do You Have Any iPad Controls or Templates?

You can find Symbols libraries (also called templates or stencils) for iPad, iPhone, Android and more on our Wireframes To Go site.

Do You Have Any Resources to Help Me Design or Test My Mobile Application?

Check out our tutorial on Creating a Mobile Application to learn some tips and tricks for using the iOS controls included with Balsamiq.

For testing, follow this tutorial on user-testing your iPad wireframes.

Can I Use the Online Version (Balsamiq Cloud) on My iPad?

You can, but the editor part doesn't respond to all finger inputs properly at the moment. We plan to fix this as soon as we ship Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop.

Our long term plan is to create a native iPad application to allow you to fully control your Balsamiq Cloud account and projects.