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Can I Get an Audit of Our Past Purchases?

If you are trying to track down Balsamiq licenses for your company or your team, this FAQ is for you.

Sorry, it isn't possible for us to provide a complete audit of past purchases. Purchases may have been made by multiple buyers, departments, or sister companies, and licenses can be in multiple License Names.

We value our customers' privacy, and it can be difficult for us to know who has the authority to review software purchases for your company, or to know how your license records are managed.

We do have suggestions for looking up and updating License Information records that may be helpful for you here.

Here are some suggestions for maintaining easier license records in the future:

  • Use your company name for the License Name when purchasing our software.
  • Have employees purchase through one central purchasing email address.
  • Instead of buying separate licenses, purchase by upgrading to add additional users. We will issue a new single license for the total number of users. Your company will have only one license to manage going forward.

If you have additional questions, please free free to contact us at