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I Can't Log In!

Arg! Sorry about that. This page is here to help.

Ok, so, first we need to figure out which one of our products you are using.

Are you using the Desktop version (Balsamiq for Desktop)? If so, there is no password or login required for using Balsamiq for Desktop. Just download, install and launch.

You also don't need a Balsamiq login or password for:

If you are using our web app Balsamiq Cloud, you can reset your password using this link: Balsamiq Cloud Forgot Password.

If you're still having trouble, please email, preferably with the name of your Cloud Space.

Lost License Key

If you've lost your License Key to register one of our products, start here to retrieve your License Key. Make sure to use the email that you used when you purchased the product.

Getting an Invoice

If you just want an invoice for one of our products that you paid for, check out this page on getting an invoice.