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Quick Tips

Impress your colleagues with these little-known Balsamiq tricks!

How to Make Any Control Linkable

A quick way to make any control in Balsamiq clickable.

How to Link to Alternates

A quick way to link to a wireframe's alternate version.

How to Indent Inside Any Control

A neat trick to add indented text to any control in Balsamiq Wireframes.

How to Add a Background Color to Any Control

A trick to add backgrounds to any control in Balsamiq Wireframes.

How to Add a Disabled State to Any Control

A neat trick to simulate a disabled state to any control in Balsamiq Wireframes.

How to Add a Blank Row to a ComboBox or Menu Control

A neat trick to add a blank row to two common Balsamiq Wireframes controls.

How to Convert a Label Into a Text Control With CTRL+ENTER

Need more space for your text? CTRL+Enter your way to spaciousness!

How to Transform a Control Type into Another

Being able to quickly transform controls into different ones is one of Balsamiq Wireframes' hidden gems!

How to Quickly Draw Controls with R, T, Y, I and A Keys

Wireframe at the speed of thought using these hidden Balsamiq Wireframes features.

The 'Resize To...' Menu

How to make controls uniform in size in Balsamiq Wireframes.

How to Zoom All Wireframes at Once

How to zoom all your Balsamiq wireframes at once by double-clicking on the zoom icons.

How to Send Things to the Back...Together!

A neat trick to quickly re-arrange the layering of your Balsamiq wireframes controls.

Use Quick Add and Hit ENTER Twice to Start Typing

How to quickly add text to controls after adding them via Balsamiq Wireframes Quick Add.

How to Add Lorem Ipsum to Text Controls

A hidden feature of Balsamiq Wireframes: built-in lorem ipsum text!

How to Keep Form Labels Aligned

A neat trick to keep labels in Balsamiq wireframes aligned even after editing them.

Learn the Shortcuts to Enter 'Focus Mode'

Learn the 3 shortcuts to hide most of the Balsamiq Wireframes UI, so you can focus on your content.

Hold ALT to Select Layered Controls

Speed up your Balsamiq Wireframes selection skills with this neat trick.

How to Organize Wireframes by Using a Hierarchy

Is your Balsamiq Wireframes project getting big? Just organize it into folders with this neat trick.

How to Simulate Multiple Selection

A trick to add multiple selection to any control in Balsamiq Wireframes.

How to Use Quick Look for BMPR files on Mac

An easy way to preview the content of a project without having to open Balsamiq Wireframes on macOS.


A set of articles for those who want to go deeper.

Creating Your First Wireframe

Never made a wireframe before? This page is for you.

By Leon Barnard

Creating a Mobile Application

How to create a mobile application's wireframes, step by step.

By Leon Barnard

Specifying Interaction with Balsamiq

7 ways to add interactivity to your Balsamiq wireframes.

By Mike Angeles

User Testing Your iPad Wireframes

How to test your wireframes with users on an iPad.

By Leon Barnard

Making the Most Out of Balsamiq Cloud’s Collaboration Features

The best wireframes come out of several rounds of feedback and iteration. Let’s explore how to do so in Balsamiq Cloud.

By Peldi Guilizzoni


Resources for those who want to take it to 11.


More of a visual learner? Here's a playlist FULL of tutorial videos!

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We include tutorial-like content inside our extensive set of docs.

Learn to Wireframe

Once you've mastered the tool, learn the art of UI Wireframing!

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