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Converting BMML Files to BMPR

As mentioned in our Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop documentation, our modern applications no longer support the .bmml file format. If you email your .bmml files to us, we will happily convert them to the .bmpr format for you - however, if you have a copy of Mockups 3 for Desktop on your machine, you can also do this conversion yourself.

Here's how.

Using Mockups 3

Converting via Drag and Drop (For Simple Wireframes)

If you only have a single wireframe (or just a small handful), with no additional assets (like images), the easiest way to convert it to a .bmpr using Mockups 3 for Desktop is to simply drag it onto the canvas.


The converter will kick in automatically, convert the bmml, and then you can save the project by going to Project > Save As.

Voila, your .bmml is now a .bmpr!

Converting via The Import Menu (For Whole Projects)

More than likely, you will have complete .bmml based projects, with assets and icons and the like. Luckily, it's just as easy to get those projects converted to a .bmpr - it only has one additional step.

Whether you have your project in a folder on your hard drive, or zipped up into a zip file, head to Mockups 3 for Desktop's Project > Import menu listing.

That menu has the option to import a .bmml project from either a zip file, or from a folder on your computer. Choose the relevant option, point the app to the zip/folder, and press import.

Again, Mockups 3 for Desktop will do all the heavy lifting and import all your wireframes and assets into a new project.

Go to Project > Save As to create a .bmpr file for that project. That .bmpr file will work in modern Balsamiq app.

Have Us Convert The Files For You

If it's easier for you, you can email us your .bmml files, and we will convert them for you. It's a quick process for us, so you shouldn't have to wait long.

And, of course, if you have questions or trouble with this process, don't hesitate to email us. We are here to help however we can!