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macOS Advanced Installation Instructions

This document is primarily for IT administrators who may need to go beyond a simple, single end-user installation. For example, automating the installation of Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop silently or installing the application on multiple machines.

Balsamiq Wireframes is a native app available for both Windows and macOS. The guide for macOS can be found below.

Installing Balsamiq Wireframes on macOS

For Mac users, we provide Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop as a familiar .dmg file.

Installing from a .dmg is simple - download and mount Balsamiq Wireframes NNN.dmg from our downloads page then copy the contained file "Balsamiq" to your Applications folder. You're done!

Registering and Unregistering Balsamiq Wireframes on macOS

You can use this command in terminal to register Balsamiq Wireframes:

/Applications/Balsamiq\\ Wireframes --register "LICENSEKEY"

And to unregister:

/Applications/Balsamiq\\ Wireframes --unregister

Installing Balsamiq Wireframes on Multiple Machines on macOS

We also provide Balsamiq Wireframes for macOS in a .zip file.

For automated, bulk installation on macOS we suggest using the .zip file as it's a simpler option - just unzip into the appropriate folder and you're done.

Command line arguments

Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop can be run in the macOS Terminal with the following arguments:

  • --license: Print the license details
  • filename: Opens the file on startup
  • --register "LICENSE_KEY": Registers the license and quits the application
  • --unregister: Unregisters the license and quits the application
  • --check-for-updates enable|disable: Enables (or disables) the “Check for Updates” feature and quits the application