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Are Updates for Balsamiq for Desktop Free?

Balsamiq for Desktop has no maintenance or renewal costs for the license. However, minor version updates are free for your purchased version, while major version updates have a reduced cost.

What are Major and Minor Versions?

New versions of Balsamiq for Desktop can be categorized as a major version if there is a full numeral increase in the version number (e.g updating from 3.x to 4.x).

On the other hand, a new version is categorized as a minor version if there is only a change in the decimal numbering (e.g. updating from 4.0 to 4.1).

What is the Cost to Purchase a Major Version Update?

Major version updates have a reduced cost of 50% the price of a new license.

For example, if you currently hold a 1-user Mockups for Desktop license, you can purchase a 1-user Wireframes for Desktop major version update for $44.50 USD (half of $89 USD). If you hold a 2-user Mockups for Desktop license, you can purchase a 2-user Wireframes for Desktop major version update license for $89 USD (half of $178 USD), and so on.

To purchase your major version update license, you will need to paste your Mockups for Desktop license key on our buy page to automatically receive reduced pricing.

How Often Do You Release a Major Version?

We don't have a set schedule for major version releases, but you can expect a few years in between major versions. As a point of reference, there were 5 years between the releases of version 3 (2015) and version 4 (2020).

What if I Don't Want to Update?

You absolutely don't have to. While we usually suggest keeping the software up-to-date, this remains entirely optional. Do bear in mind that official support for Mockups 3 for Desktop ended on January 15, 2021 and no further releases will be made.

You can still update from any older version of Mockups for Desktop to Mockups 3 for free.

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