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Balsamiq Integrations

Why should I use an integration instead of Balsamiq Cloud or Balsamiq for Desktop?

Mostly, it depends on how you like to work. If you already do the majority of your work in Atlassian Confluence, Jira, or Google Drive, one of our tightly integrated versions makes perfect sense for you.

Regarding creating and editing wireframes, our integrations have the same functionality of Balsamiq Cloud and Desktop. What changes is where the data is saved, and how you access our tool (as well as how the tool is licensed).

Your wireframes data will be stored together with the rest of your data, and you'll have easy access to them from within your favorite tool.

To give you the best user experience, we build tight integrations, meaning that you won't have to sign in with another username and password, separate from your Atlassian or Google one.

Not sure which version is right for you?

Every version has the same functionality when it comes to creating and editing wireframes. What changes between versions is only how you access our tool, and where data is saved.

Compare Versions to find all the details. All our versions come with a free 30-day, fully functional trial. Try a couple of versions out for yourself!

Why does Balsamiq build integrations?

First of all, we enjoy it! We like the technical challenge of making different software systems talk to each other in a seamless and elegant way.

There are also historical reasons. When our founder Peldi started Balsamiq, his goal was to start a tiny, one-person company. Building integrations would allow him to piggyback on the platform's marketing, instead of doing his own.

As we said above, we want to give our customers the best UX, so we don't just provide a connector to our web app like many others do. This means that we only have a few, selected integrations, which we maintain ourselves.

This strategy is not without challenges. A platform vendor might kill their integration strategy (remember when Twitter decided to turn off their APIs?), and the platforms evolve all the time, breaking integrations constantly. Even more reason for only doing a few, highly selected integrations, with large vendors.

We are still committed to our tight-integrations strategy. We have developed great relationships with Atlassian and Google, and are always flattered when they call us to discuss future possible integrations, and to design our integrations with them.

If you have a proposal for a tool to integrate with, get in touch!