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Wireframes to Go - a Collection of Ready-to-Use UI Controls

Wireframes To Go is a free user-contributed collection of ready-to-use UI controls and design pattern libraries to extend the collection that comes with the built-in UI Library. The Wireframes are designed to work in your Wireframes project Symbols.

How to Use It from within the Wireframes Editor

You can find the option to launch the Wireframes to Go browser window from either the Project > Import Controls from Wireframes to Go (or File > Import Controls from Wireframes to Go if you're using Wireframes for Desktop) menu item, or the More Controls button to the right of the UI Library's categories.


Once you have launched the Wireframes to Go window, you can either browse for symbols to add to your project, or search for them.

When you have found the symbols you want to add, simply click on them. This will open them up, allowing you to take a closer look. To add them to your project, click the Import into Project button.

The Wireframes to Go Browser will close, and you will see a little toast message in the bottom right corner saying that the symbol has been imported. You can double check by going to the Symbols View, and looking for the symbols in the navigator. From there, you can view, edit, or delete them.

How to Use It from the Web

  1. Browse the library of controls on the site.

  2. Once you find what you need, click on the project, and click on the Download BMPR button.

The downloaded .bmpr file contains your new control in its symbol library.

Importing a Wireframes to Go Control into Your Mockups 3 for Desktop Project

Follow these steps to import your Wireframes to Go controls into your existing Mockups 3 for Desktop Project

  1. Open both projects (your existing one and the .bmpr file you downloaded from Wireframes to Go).

  2. Browse to the Symbols view in both your existing project, and the one you downloaded from Wireframes to Go. (View > Symbols)

  3. Drag the symbol library from the Wireframes to Go project into your existing project.


How to Submit Your Symbols to Wireframes to Go

We'd love to share your custom symbols with the world, so if you're willing, here is how to submit your project to Wireframes to Go!

  1. First, create an empty project, and make sure the skin is set to Sketch and the font is set to Balsamiq Sans 13pt
  2. Next, move your symbol into the blank project.
  3. In the Project Info Panel, add a short description of your symbol. This is what will show up in search engines, so try to keep it under 160 characters.
  4. Switch to the Symbol View and make sure your symbol is named what you would like it to be named.
  5. In the Symbol Notes, add your name and the date you created the Symbol for us.
  6. Save that project and email it to us.

Of course, if you don't have time for all of that, don't hesitate to email us what you have, and we will make it work. We appreciate all submissions as it makes the community stronger!