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How We Give Back

Giving back to our community is a core part of our company

Ever since we started in 2008, we made giving back a core part of who we are. We believe that doing good in the world is the right thing to do, regardless if it's good for business or not.

We are proud of the many initiatives we have put in place over the years to support these efforts. Here's what we're doing right now:

Free Software

We have donated our software to thousands of people over the years: schools, nonprofits, open-source projects, and many other do-gooders! See if you qualify!

Help to Nonprofits

We want nonprofits to spend their money on doing good, not on software or expensive consultants. See how we help nonprofits around the world.


We sponsor events who align with our vision of ridding the world of bad software. We have the biggest sponsorship budget in the industry: $350,000 a year. Learn more.


Want to go to a UX conference but can't afford the ticket? Let us hook you up!


We send free Balsamiq SWAG to our best customers all the time. Learn more.

Open Source

We like to open-source some of our code, and support the open-source community. Check out our code!

Balsamiq Office Hours

Do you need advice for your startup or career? Sign up for a one-on-one meeting with one of our mentors.

Balsamiq Research Program

Want to help make Balsamiq better and give back with us? Join our Research Program!

We are also very proud to Donate 3% of our profits to charity and to give our employees Professional Development Time which can be used to volunteer in their local communities.

Giving Back Highlights

Here are some initiatives we're especially proud of.

What Else Should We Be Doing?

Do you have any ideas on how we could support our online and offline communities even better? We'd love to hear them!

Get in touch and we'll chat!