Using Balsamiq in your Classroom

If you are teaching a course about human computer interaction, software design, user interfaces or prototyping, the free Balsamiq 3 for Desktop for classroom use offer can be a useful tool to add to your teaching arsenal.

This guide helps instructors who plan on using Balsamiq 3 for Desktop in their class. We also provide UX Apprentice, a free resource for students new to user experience design. The site helps students learn the basics of UX Design with easy steps to follow, and pointers for learning more.

This document is always evolving, and we would love to hear about your experience in order to improve it. Please email your comments and stories to, much appreciated!

Getting Balsamiq 3 for Desktop for Your Class

We are proud to offer you a long-term extended trial key for Mockups 3 for Desktop for the duration of your course, free of charge.

To apply, enter your information here. You will receive the trial key over email.

Installing the Software

To install Balsamiq Mockups 3 for Desktop, just visit our download page from a PC or Mac, download and install the application.

Your students are welcome to download it and install it on their own laptops and computers as well.

If you’d like to install and register the application in several lab machines, we have some instructions here.

Using the Class License Key

Feel free to share the extended trial License Information you received from us with your students however you see fit, as long as you only share it with your students and not publicly. The key you received can be used on multiple machines.

Once they register the software with it, they will see that the application’s fully-functioning trial period will be extended for the duration of your class.

Sharing and Grading Project Files

Your school probably already has a means for students to share files with each other, and with you for grading.

Some schools use Dropbox, some others use Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive, or others. We generally work well with these tools.

Balsamiq 3 for Desktop project files are no different: each BMPR file contains everything that’s necessary to work on and review a Balsamiq project.

You can also have your students Export their Projects to PDF and share them with you, if you prefer.

Training Your Students in Mockups

Our tools are famous for being easy to use, but you might want to direct your students to our support portal for documentation and tutorials. A good place to start from the Creating Your First Mockup tutorial.

You can also point your students to these two free courses on Mockups:

Getting a New Key for Your next Class

Just head over to the application form and apply again!

Is There a Discount for Your Students to Buy the Software?

No. They can purchase Balsamiq Mockups 3 for Desktop here.

More Resources

That’s it! I hope this guide will help you make the most of Balsamiq and help your students get started on the way to becoming the software craftsmen of tomorrow!

Again, if you have any ideas on how to improve this guide, please email! :)