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Help Us Make Balsamiq Better

With your help, we can make Balsamiq great for everyone!

Join the Balsamiq Research Program Now

How Does It Work?



Fill in a 1-minute registration survey, to help us match you with the right studies.


Get involved

We’ll send you an invite when the appropriate study comes along. You can decide if you want to participate.


Get rewarded

After qualifying studies, we'll send you a thank you gift, and make a small donation (see below).

Why Join the Balsamiq Research Program?

Be invited to research studies that relate to your interests

Share your feedback with us

Hear what we're working on

Test new features


Product credit

Give back to our community

And, of course, our infinite gratitude :)

Beyond a Better Product: How We Give Back Together

After each research study, we make a small donation to the following nonprofits based on the number of participants.

Tech+Me (United States)

Through connecting technology with passion, Tech+Me strives to make computer science and tech education more accessible to children of underprivileged and vulnerable backgrounds while empowering underrepresented groups in the tech field.

Copaps - Bologna (Italy)

Copaps aims to achieve the social inclusion of people with disabilities and in difficulty through personalized work paths, in a sustainable agricultural environment and in a relational context of hospitality and integration. Work becomes both a source of well-being and self-esteem, and a means of social integration.

Giving back is a core part of who we are, and we love the idea of giving back together with you!

Meet Our User Research Team







Any questions? Write us at


Do I need to be a Balsamiq customer to join?
No, you do not. Everyone is welcome!

What types of research do you do?
Our research studies include interviews, usability tests, surveys, and more.

What does participating look like?
Our surveys usually only take a few minutes to fill in. Our interview sessions are done remotely, and usually take 30-minutes to an hour.

How often will I be contacted?
Usually less than once a month.

Will I receive something for participating?
After every moderated session you participate in, such as 1-1 interviews or usability tests, we'll send you a thank you gift, like a SWAG item, or product credit. We'll also make a donation to our highlighted nonprofits.

What will you do with my personal information?
We only collect the minimum amount of personal information necessary to match you with suitable research studies.

Can I leave the group?
Absolutely. Just email and we'll delete your info from our database.