Do You Offer Any Discounts?

While we rarely ever issue discount or promotional codes, we do have a few circumstances were you can get discounts or special pricing on our products.

Discounts for Academic Institutions

If this is for classroom use, make sure to check out our free software program.

For non classroom use, academic pricing is available to qualified academic institutions for the following Balsamiq products:

The following organizations qualify for a Balsamiq Academic license:

  • Educational institutions: public or private K-12, vocational schools, correspondence schools, junior colleges, colleges, universities, or scientific or technical schools.
  • Administrative offices and boards of education of the educational institutions defined above.
  • Public libraries
  • Home-school programs
  • Research institutes that are affiliated with an accredited university.
  • Teaching hospitals that are affiliated with an accredited university.

Academic discounts are not available for the following products:

Discounts for Students

We do not offer discounts to individual students, however we have a free program for classroom use you can forward on to your instructor.

Discounts for Nonprofits

We do not offer discounts to nonprofits, but most nonprofit organizations will qualify for our free software program.

Discounts for Government Organizations

Discounts are not offered to government organizations. Government organizations purchasing Balsamiq software are required to purchase commercial licenses.

Discounts for Resellers

While we do offer discounts for Atlassian Solution Partners, we do not offer reseller discounts. Full information purchasing as a software reseller is found here.

Discounts When Purchasing Multiple Mockups 3 for Desktop Licenses

We offer discounted pricing for Mockups 3 for Desktop via Volume Licenses. Discounts start at 5 users and increase with the number of users. Pricing can be found here.

Our Desktop upgrade prices are also based on our volume discounts. You receive the same volume discount whether you bought the licenses all at once, or decided to upgrade to more users later.

Volume licenses also make license management easier: you'll have one single Mockups 3 for Desktop license for your total number of users.

Saving Money with Balsamiq Cloud

Not exactly a discount, but if you are a Balsamiq Cloud subscriber, and cannot find the plan that best suits your needs, we have a few tips for you. From combining your projects to creating multiple Spaces, head over to our dedicated FAQ for more tips.