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Software Resellers

Do You Have Software Resellers?

Other than Atlassian Marketplace, we have no contracted agreements with software resellers, however we understand it is often easier for companies to purchase from a reseller with whom they already have an agreement.

Though we do not have approved resellers, we do allow resellers to purchase our license products on behalf of their customers. Our license products include Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop, Wireframes for Confluence Server, and Wireframes for Jira Server.

Due to payment and management restrictions, we do not recommend that resellers purchase our subscription product Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive. Further instructions to subscribe to Balsamiq Cloud are found here.

Can I Become a Reseller and Get a Discount?

Balsamiq does not offer any reseller discounts, so there is no application or agreement to complete.

Our standard EULA and Terms of Service apply to purchases made by resellers.

For our license products Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop, Wireframes for Confluence Server, and Wireframes for Jira Server it's easy to purchase for your end user. See instructions below.

Can I Get a Price List and a List of SKUs?

We do not issue price lists. Our most current pricing is always available on our website.

SKUs or part numbers are not required for purchase, but they are shown on our estimates and invoices for all license products. If you require a SKU for your system, you can get one by creating a quote/estimate on our website for the product you desire.

How Can I Buy Balsamiq for My Customers?

Our license products Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop, Wireframes for Confluence Server, and Wireframes for Jira Server can be purchased directly on our website.

Make sure to enter your customer's name in the "Name for License" field so we can issue the license in the correct name, using your email address for the contact info.

If you use PO numbers for tracking, you can include the number in the PO Number field to ensure the number is searchable in our records.

The receipt and License Information will be sent to the email address provided, immediately following purchase. You will need to forward the License Information and registration instructions to your end user.

There are additional payment options for license orders over $300.

We do not recommend that resellers pay for Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive, since the purchase must be done by the end user directly (subscriptions are tied to individual Google IDs).

Balsamiq Cloud does offer the role of a Billing-Only Administrator, which allows a third person to manage billing aspects of a Space. The Billing-Only Administrator will not have access to projects, wireframes or any other settings that are not related to billing. This role might be useful for resellers, or members of a purchasing team. Note that the Space Owner(s) must first designate the Billing-Only Administrator before that person has access to billing, as explained here.

Wireframes for Confluence Cloud and Wireframes for Jira Cloud are subscription products, sold by Atlassian. Please refer to this FAQ for Resellers for info.

Purchasing an Upgrade or Major-Version Update

First see What Is the Difference between An "Upgrade" and An "Update"?

If your customer currently has a license for a certain number of users, they have the option to upgrade that license to add more users. You will need their current license key to be able to purchase the upgrade on our website.

With the release of Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop, we are no longer selling the old version of that product (Mockups 3 for Desktop). Existing Mockups 3 for Desktop license holders have the option to purchase a discounted major-version update license, if desired.

Will You Send the License to Our Customer?

No. We only will send the receipt and License Information to the email address provided.

It is your responsibility to make sure the License Information and registration instructions are delivered to your end user.

Can I Purchase in Bulk to Later Resell or Distribute to Another Reseller?

We require that purchases are made in the End User’s name. Licensees are restricted from transferring and sub-licensing their licenses. For this reason, a reseller should not purchase a license in another reseller’s name, but rather in the intended end user’s name. Additional details can be found in our EULA.

How Is the Software Distributed? Will I Receive a CD-ROM or Shrink-Wrapped Product?

Balsamiq has adopted the Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) model. Consequently, software is available only via HTTP download. Balsamiq does not distribute any software on CD, DVD, or as a shrink wrapped product.

You can download Balsamiq's software here.

Questions? Please contact us!

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