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Collaborative Editing

Balsamiq Cloud is optimized for collaborative work. This document outlines the different ways to interact with your team, while editing a project.

Collaborating in Real-Time

Balsamiq Cloud supports real-time collaboration between users. Once two or more users join the same project, every change is reflected in real-time for everyone. The toolbar shows users who have joined the project, and the permission level they have.

The navigator panel indicates which wireframes your co-workers are working on by displaying their profile picture there.

Opening the same wireframe allows you to see your co-worker's edits in real-time.


Chatting with Other Editors

The Editor Chat feature is a great way to discuss and gather quick feedback while working on a project. The option appears when two (or more) users join the same project.


A new chat message generates a notification in the toolbar.

Once clicked, the chat window appears on the bottom-right corner of your browser window. The window can be minimized or closed using the dedicated icons on the top-right.


Besides real-time collaboration and chat, Balsamiq Cloud offers many other ways to get feedback on your designs. To learn more about it, see Sharing and Reviewing.

Among those, the Comments Panel is a great alternative to chat, especially since it doesn't require edit permissions.

A blue dot indicates that a Comment is unread. Comments can be be marked as read and unread by clicking the blue/grey dot. You can add Callout markers to indicate specific elements in the wireframe where the comments applies or add a link to an alternate version. You can even include @-mentions in your comments if needed.

More about comments here.