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People and Permissions

Space Permissions

Balsamiq Cloud has four user permission levels: Space Owner, Staff Members, Project Members, and Billing Only Administrators.

Space Owners

Space Owners are the admins for the entire Balsamiq Cloud Space. They can:

  • Access any project on the Space
  • Create new projects
  • Add Staff and Project Members to any project on the Space
  • Manage the Space and billing information

Note: See Managing Your Space Settings to learn how to transfer Space ownership or add a second Space Owner.

Staff Members

Staff members are project administrators for any project they have access to. They can:

  • Create new projects
  • Own projects
  • Invite project members to projects they own
  • See all of the users on the Space

Project Members

Project Members only have access to projects they are a part of, and cannot invite (or see) other members of the Space. There are two kinds of Project Members:

  • Those who can edit projects
  • Those who can only view and comment projects

Billing-Only Administrator

Billing-Only Administrators can ONLY manage the billing section of a Space. They can:

  • Subscribe to a plan
  • Change plans and billing info
  • Cancel a subscription

Note: See Managing Users to learn how to promote someone a Staff Member or Billing-Only Administrator.

Project Permissions

User Permissions at a Glance

When looking at any Project Card, you will see that some users have different colored borders around their profile pictures. These colors make it so that you can understand their access level at a glance.

  • Green means they are a Project Owner
  • Grey means they have View and Edit permissions
  • Orange means they have View and Comment permissions

How to Manage User Permissions on Projects

Managing users on a specific project is something a Space Owner or Staff Member (as long as they are a part of the project) can do by clicking the Manage Project Members button on the Project Card.

The Manage Project Members panel will appear and show you a list of users and their permissions on that particular project.

Note: Project Owners and Staff Members can edit user permissions from the Role dropdown menu next to a user's information.

How to Invite Someone to a Project

To invite a user to a project, type their name (if they are an existing user) or their email (if they are new user) into the Invite People box. You can invite multiple users this way, just separate their name/emails with commas.

Note: An invitation link is valid for 7 days. After that, it will expire and the invitation will be unlisted from the pending ones.

You can select their access level when you invite by changing the value in the dropdown next to the invite button.

How to Remove Someone from a Project

To remove a user from a project, click the X by their permission level.

How to Allow Public Reviews

Clicking this checkbox will allow anyone to view and comment on the project, including anonymous users that you have shared the project link with. Anonymous users cannot edit the project.

Note: This setting is only available to the Project Owner and Space Owner(s).