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How Can I Pay for Balsamiq Cloud on Behalf of my Customer as a Reseller or Purchaser?

Note: We cannot accept wire transfers or checks as payment. Only automatic credit card payments are allowed. Official quotes cannot be issued either, but you can view our official pricing on our buy page.

Balsamiq Cloud is our web-based wireframing product. Subscribing to a plan takes place directly within the product, and not on our buy page. While you would need to create a Balsamiq Cloud account to be part of a Space, you do not have to be the actual end user. To learn more about the steps required to subscribe to a plan, including becoming a Billing-Only Administrator, you can watch the following video, or read the steps below it.

As a software reseller or purchaser, our recommendation is for your customer to designate you as the Billing-Only Administrator of their Space. The Space is basically their "workspace" where their projects live, so they should have an existing Space by the time they bring you on board. To summarize, the steps required are:

  1. Ask your end user to create a Balsamiq Cloud account along with the Space where they will create their wireframes and projects. If they already have one, they can move on to step 2.

  2. The end user who creates the Space will be the Space Owner. They will be the ones in charge of designating you, the reseller or purchaser, as the Billing-Only Administrator, as we cannot do that on our end. Note that this role does not grant you access to their projects or wireframes.

  3. When the end user invites you to their Space, you will receive an email invitation with a link, which you must accept. This invitation is only valid for 7 days, so make sure you accept in time. Once you have completed the steps to create your account and have accepted the invitation, you will be able to view their billing page. That is the section where you will select the plan they wish to subscribe to, and enter your credit card to make the payment.

And that's it! You, as the Billing-Only Admin, will be able to change the plan as often as needed. Your end user will not be able to make changes to billing (unless they happen know the credit card details you entered), and will be encouraged to contact you instead. They will, however, be able to cancel the subscription if they wish to.

The paid invoices will be generated and emailed to you, as well, as the Space Owner(s) every month or year, depending on the selected frequency. Remember you can also find them in the Space, under Billing History.

Questions? Please contact us!