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Exporting Your Mockups

The Export menu contains the following export options:

Read on for descriptions of all of the options or skip ahead using the links below.

Exporting to PDF

You can export the mockups in your project as a PDF, which can be useful for printing, sending by email, presenting to clients, or posting online. If your mockups contain links, these will work in your exported PDF as well, which will allow you to create click-through prototypes of your designs. (To learn more about linking, see Linking Mockups Together.)

Note: Links may not work in the default Windows 8 or 10 PDF viewer. If this happens, you can download Adobe Acrobat or one of the many other free PDF viewers.

To export to PDF select the Project > Export to PDF... menu command (shortcut: CTRL/CMD+P). Each mockup will be displayed on a separate page of a PDF document. The mockups will be in the same order as in the project, so arrange them in the order you'd like before exporting.

You can choose to export all mockups or a subset, including any alternates you have created.

The PDF export options are shown here.

After exporting, a notification window will appear to show you where your PDF was saved. Click the notification to open the containing folder.

Exporting Mockup Notes

When exporting your mockups to PDF, you can choose to also export the notes that you've written in the notes panel by checking the box labeled "Include mockup notes."

Exported images do not include mockup notes.

Another way to share mockup notes is to share the project file.

Exporting to an Image

To save one or all of your mockups as image files choose one of the export to PNG commands from the Export menu. Export > Current Mockup to PNG... will save the selected mockup in PNG image format, while Export > All Mockups to PNG... will save all of the mockups in your project as separate image files. If you check the "Use Transparent Background" option the exported images will be transparent anywhere the canvas shows through in the mockup.

The shortcuts for exporting a mockup and project to image files are CTRL/CMD+R and CTRL/CMD+Shift+R, respectively. Exporting all mockups will also generate images for any alternates you have created.

You can also export a subset of the controls in your mockup by selecting them on the canvas and using the Export Current Mockup to PNG command. The export dialog will ask you if you want to export only the selected controls or the entire mockup.

Copying to the Clipboard

To copy a mockup as an image to paste into another application, select Export > Mockup to Clipboard.


Balsamiq Mockups no longer supports printing directly to a printer. Instead you can export to PDF and print from a PDF viewer.

Exporting Mockups to Another Project

You can copy mockups or Symbols across projects by dragging them from one project to another. Note that dragging mockups will only copy them, not remove them from the originating project.

Another method is to use the Import/Export Mockup JSON commands in the Project menu. Exporting to Mockups JSON (Project > Export > Mockup to JSON) will copy the Balsamiq Mockups code for the selected mockup to the clipboard. To create this mockup in a new project switch to it and choose “Import Mockup JSON…” from the Project > Import menu and paste the copied code.

Exporting for Use in a Previous Version

You can also export your project for use in a previous version of Balsamiq Mockups or version that doesn't yet support the Balsamiq Mockups 3 BMPR file format.

Selecting Export > Project to BMMLs ZIP... will save your mockups as a ZIP file containing individual BMML files (compatible with Balsamiq Mockups version 2) and images and Symbols stored in an assets sub-folder. You can then unzip it and open the mockups with an older version of Balsamiq Mockups.