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Importing Mockups and Symbols

Importing Mockups from a Previous Version (BMML Files)

Balsamiq Mockups 3 uses a different file format from previous versions. You can import your old mockups in one of three formats:

  1. Individual BMML files
  2. A folder containing BMML files (with images and Symbols in an assets sub-folder)
  3. A ZIP file containing BMML files (with or without images and Symbols in an assets sub-folder)

To convert your existing project folders or ZIP files into BMPR files, open the Project > Import menu.

Select what you'd like to import and your old files will be imported and a new BMPR file will be created.

You can also just drag BMML files into Balsamiq Mockups 3 to import them to the current project.

Importing Symbols

If you have Symbols files created with a previous version of Balsamiq Mockups you can import them into Balsamiq Mockups 3 as Symbols using the Import > BMML Symbol Libraries command. This will convert groups into named Symbols that will appear in the Symbols category of the UI Library.

Importing Mockups from Another Project

The easiest way to move or copy mockups from one project to another is to simply drag a mockup (using the navigator panel) from one project to another project. You can also select and copy controls on the canvas in one project and paste them into the canvas in another project.

Alternatively you can copy mockups from one project to another using the Import/Export Mockup JSON commands in the Project menu. Exporting to Mockups JSON (Project > Export > Mockup to JSON) will copy the Balsamiq Mockups code for the selected mockup to the clipboard. To create this mockup in a new project switch to it and choose “Import Mockup JSON…” from the Project > Import menu and paste the copied code. Images and Symbols won't be copied, however.

Importing Images

To learn about importing images, see Working with Images.