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Managing Projects

A Project on Balsamiq Cloud is a collection of wireframes that belong together and are stored in a single file (.bmpr). Projects live on a Space and you can create and upload as many projects as your subscription allows.

In each of your Spaces, the Projects Homepage will list all the projects that you and your team are working on. Here is how the page will look like the first time you open it:

Project Actions

Creating Projects

When you click on the "Create Project" button, you will be taken to the Balsamiq Wireframes editor, to start wireframing right away. The created project will be autosaved and available on your Projects Homepage.

Uploading Projects

If you have existing Balsamiq (.bmpr) files, you can use the upload option to import them in Balsamiq Cloud. You can also drag a BMPR file on to this screen to upload it.

Downloading Projects

You can download any project's BMPR file from the Projects Homepage. This will allow you to save a local backup of any project on your machine.

This option is also the way to move a project to a different Cloud Space or to a different Balsamiq product.

Editing Projects

To edit a project, just click on its project card to load the Balsamiq Wireframes editor and start wireframing.

Renaming Projects

Renaming a project can be achieved by double-clicking on the project card.

You can also rename a project from the Balsamiq Wireframes editor, by double-clicking on the project name or via the Project Menu.

Cloning Projects

Cloning a project creates a copy of an existing project without migrating its Project members. This can be useful for creating a new project that will re-use some existing content or for extracting only a specific part of a project that you need to share.

Deleting Projects

You can also delete projects from the Projects Homepage. You will only need to type "DELETE" in the dialog box that appears.

Project History

The Project History allows you to view all recent activities for a Project.

We keep track of every change that was made, so you'll always have a complete historical view for each project. The Project History includes:

  • Edits made to the project
  • Snapshots manually created by users
  • User invitations/deletions
  • User permissons changes
  • Users leaving the project


Snapshots are backups made at defined stages of the project creation.

A snapshot is created when you make edits and close the editor but you can also create a snapshot manually from the Project menu.

A snapshot can be used to:

  • Restore a Project from an earlier state (available only for editors)
  • Download a Project from an earlier state
  • Start playing with a new idea by creating a new copy of the project (Duplicate as New Project)

When you restore a project's snapshot, a new one gets created for the current state.

If another person is viewing or editing the project, they will be notified about this action and the editor will load this updated version automatically.

Snapshots are saved for 30 days unless you choose to save a snapshot permanently (Keep Forever). In this case, you may want to rename the specific snapshot.

Moving Projects Between Spaces

You may need to move a project from one Space (A) to another (B). Here are the steps required:

  1. Open Space A
  2. Download the project from Space A

  1. Open Space B
  2. Upload the project to Space B

Managing Project Count

Because your Balsamiq Cloud subscription allows for a finite amount of projects, managing their number can become very important. In this case, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Download your project so that you have a copy of it on your hard drive.
  2. Delete your project from Balsamiq Cloud.
  3. Back up the downloaded project.

We cannot tell you what the best way for you to backup your project is. We recommend signing up for a cloud storage service (like Google Drive or Dropbox) and storing the project files there, but you should use whatever method you are most comfortable with.