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Managing Your Balsamiq Cloud Subscription

This page will describe how Space Owners and Billing-Only Administrators can sign up for and make changes to a Balsamiq Cloud subscription.

Signing up for a Subscription

Before signing up for a subscription, you must first create and confirm your Balsamiq Cloud account.

The Space Owners or the Billing-Only Administrator can sign up for a plan in the Space Settings under the Billing Information section. This section can be reached by selecting "Settings" in the center navigation menu within your Space.

To sign up for a paid subscription, pick a plan and select the Subscribe button:

You can choose to be charged either monthly or yearly, then proceed to enter your credit card information in the secure sign-up form. Invoices will be sent via email to the Space Owner(s) and Billing-Only Administrator (if applicable). Review your information and click "Subscribe" to complete the process.

If you happen to subscribe to a plan before your initial 30-day trial is over, you will receive credit for the number of unused days in your trial. And as usual, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Changing Your Plan

The Space Owners or the Billing-Only Administrator can change the plan at any time in the Space Settings under the Billing Information section. This section can be reached by selecting "Settings" in the center navigation menu within your Space.

Select the appropriate button next to the desired plan:

When changing plans, you’ll automatically receive credit for any time remaining on the old plan. If additional payment is due, your credit card will be charged. Any unused credit will be applied toward future renewals.

Your billing renewal date will remain the same if you are only changing the number of projects on your plan. We will adjust the charge for the current renewal period. Changes between monthly or annual payments will move the billing renewal date to the date the plan was changed, and your new subscription plan will start immediately.

Finding Past Invoices

We send invoice notifications via email following your automatic credit card payment to the email address of the Space Owner(s). The email will also be sent to the Billing-Only Administrator if one is assigned.

A link to your downloadable invoice is included in this notification email. You can also find all past invoices directly under the Billing History section of your Space Settings.

If you need to share invoices with someone other than the Space Owners or Billing-Only Administrator, you can forward the email notifications. Although you must be logged in to Balsamiq Cloud to view your Billing Information, the link to your invoice can be viewed and downloaded by your finance team without logging in.

If the Space Owners or Billing-Only Administrator need to change their registered email address, this change must be done within the corresponding User Settings.

Updating Your Credit Card or Invoice Information

To update your credit card or invoice information, the Space Owners or Billing-Only Administrator should log in to the Balsamiq Cloud Space, and go to Billing Information found in the Space Settings section - which can be reached by selecting "Settings" in the center navigation menu within your Space.

Here is an example of what you will find when you are on the Billing Information page of your Balsamiq Cloud Space:

Select "Update Credit Card" to update the credit card on file and billing address for future renewals. If you only wish to update the billing address on future invoices without changing the card, select "Update Address."

To edit the physical billing address shown on a previous invoice, open the specific invoice by clicking the link in your Billing History. You'll be able to edit and download a PDF of the transaction.

To update the email address for future invoices, the Space Owner or Billing-Only-Administrator can change their registered email address within the corresponding User Settings.

Stopping Your Subscription

The Space Owners or the Billing-Only Administrator can stop your subscription at any time in the Billing Information section, under Space Settings. This section can be reached by selecting "Settings" in the center navigation menu within your Space.

To stop the auto-renewal of your subscription, select "Cancel Subscription". After canceling your subscription, your credit card will not be charged again, unless you restart your subscription and enter your credit card information again. Upon the conclusion of the current billing period, you will only be able to view your wireframes, but you will not be able to edit them or create new ones.

Please review the details of your options before canceling your subscription to make sure your team downloads any work they would like to keep.

Restarting Your Subscription

After your subscription ends, due to your trial ending, credit card renewal trouble, or because the time remaining on your canceled plan ended, your Space will be suspended for 30 days. During this time, your Space will be in read-only mode, which means the projects will still be viewable to Space Owners and Staff Members, but they will not be editable.

While the Space is in read-only mode, Space Owners will still be able to download projects, permanently delete the Space or restart the subscription. If a Billing-Only Administrator has been assigned, that person will also be able to login to restart the subscription. To do so, visit the Billing Information section within your Space, found under Space Settings.

If you choose not to restart the subscription, your Space data will be deleted after 30 days.


If you would like to temporarily pause your subscription, but do not wish to cancel outright to avoid the hassle of starting over in the future, you have the option to allow your Space to auto-hibernate. This way, you can keep your Space around along with its Settings and Staff Members without being billed for it.

How does it work? On the day of your scheduled renewal, we will check your Space to see if it contains any projects. If it's empty (0 projects), then we will work our behind-the-scenes magic to automatically pause your subscription and we will not charge your credit card.

The catch is that this feature is only available on the $9/month plan, and it will only work if you remove your projects before the renewal. We recommend that you download your projects first, and then proceed to delete them from your Space. To be safe, you might want to do this a couple of days ahead of your renewal.

Once your Space enters auto-hibernation, we will keep your subscription in a paused state and you will not receive monthly renewal emails or invoices. Your Space will still be available and ready for you to restart wireframing whenever you're ready.

Your subscription will remain paused indefinitely until anyone in your Space either creates or uploads a project. This action will then resume your billing for that month and we will automatically charge the card you have on file.

If your Space is currently on a different plan, and you know you won't be making use of it, you can always change your plan to the $9/month one to take advantage of this feature. Remember, the Space must be empty on the day of your scheduled renewal. To empty your Space, you must delete your projects.