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Get Started With Wireframes

What Are Wireframes?

This article answers common questions about wireframes and provides suggestions for how to start using them.

By Peldi Guilizzoni

4 min. read

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Best Practices for Designing E-commerce Sites

Tips to improve the shopping experience on your e-commerce site and present top-notch product listing pages, product detail pages, and cart designs to your visitors.

By Billy Carlson

Bridging the Gap Between Content and Design With Wireframes

In a marketing project, getting content creators and designers to work together using wireframes can align expectations and improve communication and feedback.

By Leon Barnard

3 min. read

Soft Skills for UX Designers

Empathy, common sense, negotiation and diplomacy: with these soft skills in your toolbox, you can go from being a good designer to being an effective one.

By Leon Barnard

5 min. read

How to Design a Landing Page: Balsamiq Cloud Case Study

In this tutorial we show you how we designed a landing page and followed a website project process, from the first notes to the final visual design.

By Mike Angeles

6 min. read

Answers to Your Most Contentious Questions About Wireframes

Four challenging questions and considered answers about wireframes and their role in the design process to understand their value and use in the real world.

By Leon Barnard

What Are Wireframe Annotations and Why Use Them?

The goal of wireframe annotations is to make understanding how and why something on the screen should work as clear as possible to anyone viewing your wireframes.

By Julia DeBari

Recent Articles

How to Design a Sign Up Flow: Balsamiq Cloud Case Study

Designing a Sign Up flow for a web app is much harder than you’d think. It requires a balance between usability and security, with a sprinkle of marketing on top.

By Peldi Guilizzoni

How to Use Wireframes for Content Modeling

Modeling your written content visually before you start wireframing the page is a little-known practice that will make you better at writing for the web.

By Derek Gillette

5 min. read

How to Use Wireframes to Create a Service Blueprint

Service Blueprints help organizations see the whole by showing the customer view and what’s behind the scenes. Learn the step-by-step process for creating them.

By Laura Theis

7 min. read

Designing Effective Data Tables

Big data can cause big problems for clean, usable interface designs. Here are some easy-to-understand tips to ensure that your data applications are easy to use.

By Billy Carlson

6 min. read

Ten Principles of Effective Wireframes

Guiding principles to help designers wireframe better and encourage the entire team to participate in the design process.

By Billy Carlson

Usability Testing Wireframes with Your Users

Learn how to conduct discount usability tests on wireframes with users — an effective step in validating your solution before implementation. For small budgets, too!

By Mike Angeles

14 min. read

Evaluating Wireframes with Usability Inspection Methods

Validate your design solution early in the product design process to save time (and likely money!). Learn about 2 different usability inspection methods.

By Mike Angeles

10 min. read

SaaS Website Design: Lessons From Real Users

Learn what SaaS UX design strategies work and why, from real users. Improve your site, convey your message and help more people with your product.

By Christopher Silvestri

How and When to Get Feedback on Your Designs

Feedback can be hard to take, but practicing it often and early makes it an integral part of the process to get your team’s best work out the door.

By Laura Theis

5 min. read

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