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More Learning Resources

Do you want to learn even more? Here's a collection of websites, guidelines, videos, articles, and books specific to User Interface design and User Experience.

UX/UI Links of the Month

Each month we pick our 5 favorite UX and UI links from all around the web. Here you'll find all the archives in one place.

By Leon Barnard

UX Quotes Library

Dozens of inspiring quotes and practical tips to help you improve your wireframes, design delightful user interfaces, and create better products.

By Leon Barnard

Design Pattern Libraries and UI Galleries

Examples of how interfaces are used to solve specific kinds of design problems. In case you need best practices or inspiration while working on your wireframes.

By Mike Angeles

User Interface Platform Guidelines

Documentation on designing applications for specific platforms, including Apple Mac OS and Android, and recommendations and principles for user interface design.

By Mike Angeles

Reference Library

A library of must-have resources (articles, books, podcasts, and videos) for learning about UX, Wireframing, UI Design, User Research, and requirements gathering.

By Mike Angeles

Advice for Getting Started in UX Design

Advice and recommended resources for how to get into UX from your friends at Balsamiq

By Billy Carlson

UX Apprentice — Learn the Basics of User Experience Design

UX Apprentice is a free resource to help people new to User Experience Design learn the basics. It provides easy steps to follow and pointers for learning more.

Wireframing for Newbies Video

An introduction to the context, concepts, and practice of user interface wireframing.

By Leon Barnard

Zenware: Software That Helps You Get, and Stay, Focused

Zenware means zen software. Here is a short list of tools that help you get focused, achieve the ultra-productive cognitive state known as flow, and stay there.

By Peldi Guilizzoni

Balsamiq Success Stories (eBook)

Bob Walsh interviews 9 people with varying backgrounds and job titles about how Balsamiq fits in their workflow and how it helped them. Free eBook, download it now!

By Bob Walsh