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Managing Spaces

A Space on Balsamiq Cloud is where your projects live. We have three tiers of Spaces, and we think that once you find the right size, a single Space will be enough for you and your team. While there may be situations where you are invited to someone else's Space to collaborate on a project, or you need a specific number of projects, we expect you'll only have to manage a single Space.

Creating a New Space

If you log into Balsamiq Cloud with an account that doesn't belong to a Space, you will be prompted to create a new Space.

To create another Balsamiq Cloud Space or access a different one, click the avatar in the upper-right corner of your Space's Homepage.

A screen will pop up asking you to name the Space. Give your Space a name and click on Create My Space & Start My Free Trial to create it.

Managing Your Space Settings

Once in your Space, you can access the Space settings by clicking the Settings link at the top of the page. From this page you can change/add Space Owners, manage your Dropbox Backups or delete the Space completely.

Adding Space Owners and Transferring Ownership

In Balsamiq Cloud, you can specify up to two Space Owners per Space. By default, the Space's creator will be Space Owner, but you can transfer ownership to someone else by selecting another Staff Member to be the new owner from the dropdown.

You can also specify a second Space Owner via the second dropdown. A second Space Owner can be great for sharing the administrative load!

Dropbox Backups

This option allows you to back up all your projects from this Space to your Dropbox account.

When you click on Turn On Dropbox Backups, you will be prompted to:

  • Log in to your Dropbox account (if not logged in already)
  • Allow Balsamiq Cloud to access your Dropbox account

Once the feature is enabled, the first Dropbox backup will be scheduled for that day and a daily backup will be made for as long as the feature is enabled (empty projects and projects which have not changed are not included in the backup).

Each project will generate a .zip file that follows this naming convention:

The .zip file contains the .bmpr file (project) that is compatible with any Balsamiq product. These backup files are stored in your Dropbox folder under Apps > Balsamiq Cloud > backups.

Deleting Your Balsamiq Cloud Space

Deleting a Space can only be done by the Space Owner. To do this, type the name of the Space and click the Delete Space button. If you have an active subscription for the Space, deleting the Space will cancel it.

Managing Space Users

Clicking the People link at the top of the page will show a list of all the users of the Space and the projects they belong to. Click on the number of projects they belong to to see a list.

Add users by entering one or more email addresses in the box at the bottom of the page.

Making Someone a Staff Member

Checking the "Staff" checkbox will make someone a Staff Member, allowing them to create and own projects. See People and Permissions to learn more about their privileges.

Making Someone a Billing-Only Administrator

Space Owners have the option to invite somebody else to become their Billing-Only Administrator. This person will ONLY have access to the Billing Settings of the Space.

This means that Billing-Only Administrators will not be able to participate in projects, or even see them at all. This is useful if you want a reseller - or someone from your purchasing team - to be able to manage your Space's billing without actively participating.

To make someone your Billing-Only Administrator, make sure they are currently not listed as a Staff Member, Project Member or Space Owner, then visit your Space's Settings. Scroll down to the Billing-Only Administrator section and enter the email address of the person you'd like to invite.

Deleting Users

To remove a person from the Space, click the X to the far right of their name. They will no longer be able to access any projects, except those that allow public (anonymous) reviews.