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Sharing in Balsamiq Mockups 3 for Desktop

Collaboration is the foundation of Mockups. From working with your clients and customers, to collaborating with your designers and programmers, Mockups was built with collaboration at its core. Here are the ways you can share your projects.

Share Mockups Project Files

A great way to share your work is to send your Mockups project files (files with a .bmpr extension) directly to your clients and collaborators. Just be sure to include a link to download Balsamiq Mockups - if they don't already have it.

Tell your clients to install Balsamiq Mockups and open the file(s) you sent. They will be able to go full screen and click around or view the mockups in the editor. During the 30 day trial period they’ll be able to make changes and save them.

When the trial expires, they won’t be able to edit but they’ll still be able to view them, click the links, and even copy the text strings if needed.

Share an Interactive PDF Document

PDFs generated by Mockups are completely interactive. That means that they not only display your project as you have designed it, they will also respect any links you have added to the project as well. This is one of the best ways to share your project with collaborators and clients who don't need to make changes.

Note: PDFs with links also work great on mobile phones and tablets!

Share PNG Images

You can export all of your mockups to static PNG images, and send those to your clients. More info about that feature here.

Use Balsamiq Cloud

Balsamiq Cloud is our web-based wireframing solution designed for large teams. With Balsamiq Cloud, you can invite your collaborators to view, interact with, and even edit your project. Your existing projects are completely compatible with Balsamiq Cloud, all you need to do is upload them. Check it out today and see how to share your work with outside clients in Balsamiq Cloud..

Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration is available now in six of our apps: